This year’s Exmouth Festival will be greener than ever

As a town dependent on nature-based tourism and surrounded by sensitive ecological sites it’s important we care for nature and the town festival lowers its carbon footprint as much as possible.


This year’s Exmouth Festival is focusing on the health of our planet, with lots of ways you can help to support our efforts – ask our dedicated ‘Green Team’ who will be on hand to answer questions. 

what we’re doing

  • Traders will use sustainable packaging options
  • Asking traders to provide plant-based menu options
  • The Exmouth Cup and other reusable cups used in as many places as possible
  • Clearly marked bins for recycling and food waste
  • Cooking oil will be donated for fuel use
  • Compost loos in Manor Gardens; the waste taken to be broken down into fertilizer
  • All electricity at the festival, except the Manor Gardens bar, will come from a 100% renewable energy tariff
  • Water refill points will be marked on a map, to reduce the need for packaged water
  • Providing a Cycle Hub in The Strand
  • Gathering data through surveys on sustainability efforts, with plans to provide a report and guidelines for future event organisers
  • Earth Day at Sideshore with eco-themed entertainment
  • Plastic-free market at Earth Day

how you can help

  • Travel sustainably to the event: walk, cycle, bus, train
  • Put all waste in the correct bins and avoid contamination
  • Learn about reusing, repairing, reducing, and recycling at our Eco Stall in Manor Gardens
  • Bring a water bottle and use our refill points
  • Ensure reusable cups find their way back
  • Take a survey – in the app or if you see one of our survey team


Your community festival needs you!

We’re preparing for the 28th Exmouth Festival, one of the biggest free arts festivals in the South West!